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  • Create a bug-out-bag

    With the threats of both man-made and natural calamities, all of us need to do our best to stay alert to our surroundings and what is going on in the news and weather. Such incidents can occur anytime, and the only way to deal with it is to be prepared at all times.

    Putting a survival kit together, a bug-out-bag, is important and in this article, we will take a look at some of the most basic and important items to be included. These are suggestions and I’m sure you will have more to add.

    Have a plan for where you will meet with your family members if they are not all with you when you evacuate. Rehearse this with everyone so all are in agreement.

    Have a check list of the items that you want to take with you. Put that list on the fridge or notice board in the kitchen.

    Update your check list and bug-out-bag(s) as you go about your day-to-day living. If you added it to your list be sure to add the items to the bag. Your bag is any bag(s) or portable carrying packs(s) that you have around.

    Two or more flashlights with spare charged batteries.

    500 Lumen Zoomable Flashlight

    Battery powered AM/FM radio for local and NOAA weather alert

    Your cell phone and a spare battery if you have it.

    Solar Pack

    A Portable solar panel for charging your cell phone


    and power pack and other portable devices is a handy to have in your bug-out-bag.

    Clean drinking water is essential. So for this purpose, you can keep a portable water filter, a Water filter, sanitizer or purifier in your bag for your survival gear. You can keep as well some clean water bottles or inflatable containers for water storage. You can use these items to transport water from a nearby source to your shelter.

    A first aid kit is a must have item. You can buy one or make up your own with stuff you have on-hand and be as simple or elaborate as you want so make sure to keep one in your bag. It should have the basic medical needs in treating minor wounds. In case some members of the family require special medical attention, your kit should also include their medications. Remember to replenish your kit whenever an item is used. That way, you know for sure that you are ready no matter what happens.

    Pepper spray is effective for self defense against animals and humans.

    Solar Oven

    Cooking without electricity can be a headache. Using propane is a good idea, but it doesn't last long. So you must consider another means of cooking. A Solar-powered cooker and oven

    are good options. Wood burning pits are another viable alternative. A fire starter is water proof and lasts indefinitely in storage. Better yet, limit your instances of having to cook your meal in times of trouble. Store up ready-to-eat meals, instant and canned goods in your pantry.

    Duct tape is essential too. It has a million uses. Toss it in your bag and leave it there. A wire saw is very small, fits in a pocket and is indispensable for cutting fire wood. A compass doesn’t require a GPS signal and will keep you from walking in circles if you need to move on somewhere.

    If you're staying near a body of water, keep your fishing gear ready. If you didn’t bring your fishing rod and tackle this very basic Para cord grenade is small and very handy. That way, you can fish and get some food whenever it's possible.

    If you need to leave your residence you should have already made a bug-out-bag or 2 with all or most of these survival items in it. Keep some blankets or a survivalist blanket in the bag too. Have a change of clothes for everyone for at least 2 days. Another thing that you should have is a pair of sturdy boots. Drinking water for everyone. Have identification for everyone. Most of us carry our driver’s license or some form of ID with us but if you don’t have these find something to take along that will ID you. Some cash in small bills can be very handy too.

    Keep your auto gas tank at least half full all the time. When you reach a half tank then fill up, don’t wait until you’re near empty. It doesn’t cost more to do this and you will have more range if you have to search further for a gas station in a crisis situation.

    Final test.

    If you are a person who likes camping take your bug-out-bag(s) with you camping for the week-end and use them to see if you have what you need if you’re in an emergency situation. If you’re not a camper person take them to the local park or lake for the day and get familiar with using it in that situation. It’s good training for you to get comfortable living with what you brought and find out what else you want to add to it, before you really need it.

  • Pharmacist dispenses a dose of prevention

    After having been robbed once before the pharmacy staff recognizes this robber and takes action with preventive medicine of her own. A great deterrent for any robber or would be assailant pepper spray comes in a variety of sizes and formulas like spray, fog and foam. For your personal protection at home or business.


  • Do you want to catch them in the act?

    Dr. Ron Caro's wife wanted to leave their apartment after their new mountain bikes were stolen from their balcony facing the alley. Dr. Caro installed a security system that has caught and prosecuted more than 14 perpetrators in the past two years.

    Dr. Caro lives in an upscale neighborhood in Whittier, California, in an apartment directly above the complex's carports adjacent to the alley. Two years ago, after his bikes were stolen, Dr. Caro purchased four bullet cameras, a time-lapse video recorder, and a quad to monitor the activity in and around the carports, alley, and patio.   The week after installing the system, a neighbor had a break-in, so Dr. Caro reviewed the tape to see what happened. He found the incident and gave the tape to the police. "The police took a report and told Dr. Caro that unless he knew where the suspect lived or who he was there was really no way to catch the guy".

    Affordable home surveillance system. You can view the cameras remotely via smart phone, computer, or any mobile device from anywhere in the world.











    So Dr. Caro added Voice Alert, a wireless notification device, to his system.  The Voice Alert system combines wireless infrared sensors with a speaker/receiver that allows the user to record up to six individual messages.  When a sensor is triggered by activity, a signal is sent to the receiver/speaker and it plays the corresponding message to alert the home or business owner that an incident has occurred. Dr. Caro installed three Voice Alert transmitters in the carport and positioned them so that the infrared beams intersected to detect anything that entered the carport.

    Affordable DIY Home Security Announce visitors or intruders in your own recorded voice.

    Less than a week after he installed Voice Alert, the receiver speaker sounded at 4 a.m. playing the message "Someone's in the carport!" and waking Dr. Caro. He turned on his monitor and saw the same guy who robbed his neighbor a week earlier in his carport.  The time-lapse recorder was recording and Dr. Caro, a former Marine Corps Officer, held the suspect until police arrived.  Dr. Caro gave the time-lapse recording to the police, providing enough evidence to prosecute the suspect.

    That same scenario, with different suspects, has occurred numerous times over the past two years. Each with the same outcome, the suspect gets caught and prosecuted. "One police officer even mentioned that more people should have a system like mine," said Dr. Caro. "As far as I'm concerned, surveillance without sensors is not effective.  You need to catch them in the act." Dr. Caro looked at other notification systems and found Voice Alert to have the best wireless range and the best price. "It's a great piece of equipment," said Dr. Caro.

    Dedicated to your Peace of Mind & Real Security,  http://www.evansalarm.com

    PS: Most people are "under-protected" and admit that "they ought to buy these products unfortunately after it’s too late. Don’t let that happen to you.

    PPS: Peace of Mind “90-Day” REFUND GUARANTEE: Whatever you purchase, use it for a full 90 days.  If for any reason you wish to return it, just ask and we will cheerfully refund your money.

  • Motion alarms wireless

    driveway motion detector alarm Multi-Function Alarm








    Here is a multifunction motion sensor alarm for home security. You can set the alert to a nice chime or to a loud alarm. Who is coming up the driveway?

    Wireless motion sensor alarm Who is coming up the driveway?

    You can use this for keeping an eye on the kids or someone else if they wander over to the pool.

    Wireless motion sensor alarm Who's in the pool?
    Swimming Pool Safety Pool Alarm

    If you are working out back in the garden and someone pulls into the driveway or if a delivery man arrives at the front or back door you will be alerted.

    Inside your home during the night if your child gets up and leaves his or her room or if your elderly mom or dad are out of their room you will be alerted.

    Outside your home if an intruder is snooping around your patio or doors and windows you will get an alarm.

    You can set the motion sensor alarm to sound out a loud alarm for intruders to alert you and to scare them away. Set another motion sensor in position to monitor the back yard, or see who is in the garden.

    household alert motion sensor Wireless Home Security System












  • Watch your kids around water

    Three swimming pool safety tips. 1. Watch your kids around water, 2. Watch your kids around water, 3. Watch your kids around water.

    If your young kids are in or around the swimming pool don't take your eyes off of them. If you have to step into the house for even just a few seconds then either take them with you or put an adult or other responsible person in your place at the pool side to watch them. More than 900 children between 1 and 14 die each year in drowning accidents. In California, drowning is the number one cause of accidental death for children 1-4 years of age.


    Pool Alarm
  • Pet friendly motion sensor set up.

    We installed a Voice Alert Security System with two Motion Sensors. The system worked very well but the dogs, large breeds, set off the alarm when they walked through the area. In order to alleviate that we mounted the sensors higher. That worked sometime but still the dogs triggered it. Then we had an idea.

    EJMAgQDVe9Q-ZqE-BNvw7G-2rCSEdugrBRDbttN6DnAVA-6000T_a Voice Alert Transmitter Motion Sensor

    What we did was to mount the Voice Alert Transmitter Motion Sensor upside down so as to aim the cone of IR upward. That shifted the detection beam away from the floor. She crawled around on hands and knees and had the dogs following along in the great-room where the motion sensor is set up and it didn't detect her or the pets. When she stood up and walked through the room though the sensor turned on the alarm like it should. It seems to be working so far so we left it in that way.

  • Really OWN your Home Security System

    Do-It-Yourself and install your own security alarm and REALLY own it. Set it up where YOU want it and change it when you want to. Really KNOW what you have and how to use it. If you have a security systems company install it you may not have full control and full knowledge of how it works and how to set it up or to change how it is set up later when you want to expand it. Also you don't have a monthly contract or fee.

    In my younger days before I went to work in my dad's alarm business I and some friends built race cars. We were do-it-yourselfers back then too. A fellow once asked me how much will it cost for you to build me a race car? I asked him the obvious question, how fast do you want to go?
    The same goes for building and installing your own DIY Home Security system.

    Voice Alert System Voice Alert System

    How much stuff do you want to secure, how elaborate do you want to get, how large is your home or business area? What exactly do you want to protect? Are you afraid to be alone at home and want an alert system? Do you want your security system to call the cops or fire department? Do you want your security system to call you or any of several phone numbers that you program into it? When it calls you then you decide if you need to call the F.D. or Cops.

    A first step to begin is to get pencil and paper and sketch out the area and things you want to protect. How many doors, windows, garage, cars, boats, sheds and what other your stuff do you want to monitor.
    Do you want local alarms or remote calling to the F.D. or P.D. and your smart phone? Do you want to cover everything right away or just certain parts now and expand later as time and budget permits? Do you travel a lot or are you home most every day after work? Are you or your family members home alone often? Do you want to be active or passive with the system? Think about these things and write them down and sketch out your home areas.

    What are you trying to protect? Your stuff or your family? Your stuff is insured in most cases if you have home owner’s insurance or renter’s insurance if you rent. In all cases your stuff can be replaced. Your family is priceless and they are the first thing you want to protect.
    When no one is home your stuff can be monitored with motion detection and video cameras and loud alarms. You can also have a system that will record video and call or text you if you have an intruder.

    Hidden camera artwork Hidden camera artwork

    You can call the cops from where you are. When you're at home motion sensors can alert you when anyone approaches from any area you want to protect.
    A fire alarm is very important and can link to your alarm system wirelessly if needed. Some can also call the fire department automatically if you want it to. One note of caution though, my fire alarm goes off a lot whenever I’m cooking so be sure to cancel it right away if this happens to you so you don't get a fine for false alarming. May cities have an ordinance requiring you to have a permit if you have a fire alarm that calls the fire department, and a hefty fine if you don't have the permit.
    After everyone is asleep the system is active and monitoring for intruders. If you have an intruder snooping around, then you first call 911 and stay on the phone with the 911 operator until the cops arrive. Next get everyone in the house into one safe area and turn on the outside lights and siren, thieves hate lights at night. If it is day time and you have a siren, then turn it on with the panic button on your alarm fob or console. If your car is in the drive or close by the press the panic button on your key fob. The honking horn will attract unwanted attention to any intruder.
    I always grab my pepper spray and

    Pepper Spray Pepper Spray

    stun gun when I head toward the door to check out the problem too.

    sm-minibadas_b_2_1_3 Mini badass

    Please browse our website for home security and non-lethal personal protection devices for you Home and Family Safety.

  • Drowsy driving

    In the United States, 250,000 drivers fall asleep at the wheel every day, according to the Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School and in a national poll by the National Sleep Foundation, 54% of adult drivers said they had driven while drowsy during the past year with 28% saying they had actually fallen asleep while driving.

    According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, drowsy driving is a factor in more than 100,000 crashes, resulting in 1,550 deaths and 40,000 injuries annually in the USA.

    College students, business travelers, truck drivers all are placed into situations of needing to drive just that little farther to reach their destination even though they are sleep deprived. This small sleep alarm will wake you if you nod off momentarily. If you are that sleepy, then take the next exit and get some sleep. There is no substitute to stay awake than to just go get some sleep. This device will sound an alarm if your head droops and warn you to get off the road and get parked and get some sleep.

    Drowsy Drivers Stay alert - Stay alive
  • How to spot a police impersonator

    Some tips on how to spot a fake police officer who may be stopping you for a supposed traffic stop. When you report this to the real police call 911 like the video says and give a good description if you can. You may want to get a car dash camera so that you have some evidence of this if it were to ever happen again. The dash cam is handy for your extra safety in other situations like accidents and theft also. The real police will be more able to find this phony with a video to see.

  • They were just out for a walk when this happened.

    Two young girls are recovering from a vicious pit bull attack while out on an afternoon run.
    The two cousins decided to jog along a country road near their home in Indiana when suddenly a pack of four pit bulls approached and brutally attacked the them. After realizing the dogs’ intentions, the two girls raced across a field toward home.
    But the dogs chased them down and tackled the women to the ground. Then the pit bulls started tearing away at the young women’s flesh.

    Attacked by big dogs Attacked by big dogs

    The attack became a 30-minute “feeding frenzy.”
    One girl missing more than 75 percent of her scalp and muscles were ripped from her leg.
    Despite the injuries, she is in stable condition in intensive care. But she’ll need muscle and skin grafts and will NEVER be able to regrow her hair.
    The other girl fared better. She is recovering at home with puncture wounds and large bruises all over her body.
    The dog’s owner tried to stop the attack but was attacked too and unable to stop it.
    The victims and owner were only rescued when a motorist saw what the dogs were doing in the field. She drove in and scattered the animals then hauled the victims into her truck.
    The heroic woman was called a “godsend” for rescuing these people.

    The dogs were caught the next day. One was shot dead by police and the other three were euthanized.

    Always for your safety carry some form of personal protection against man or beast like our Mace Canine Repellent  or our  Mace® Pepper Spray Jogger Model.

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