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  • Car Dash DVR Camera With Loop Recording

    Advantages of Having Car Dash Cams Installed in Your Vehicles

    1. Insurance Premiums

    Installing a dashboard cam can prevent your insurance premiums from rising.

    Drivers have started using the video from these cameras as an independent witness to prove who is at fault after accidents. You will now have rock solid evidence of any collision or other incident should you need it.  Buy now [$50.95]  

    Loop recording or will stop when storage is full Front camera: HD1080P 30fps

    This brings me to the next advantage on our list.

    2. Teen Safe Driver Program

    Now there are no insurance companies that offer discounts on premiums for adults that install dash cams. However, some companies offer discounts on  premiums for young new drivers that have them. Some companies have programs such as a Safe Driver Program for teens.  Parents can easily download the footage to a computer for viewing and storing video and audio footage. Not only are these cameras allowing lower premiums for teen drivers but they also help parents keep an eye on their children's driving. All the while, making our teens better drivers and making the roads safer to drive.

    3. Crash for Cash

    This is similar to the reasoning behind the insurance premiums. A car dash camera for recording car accidents with DVR protects you against scammers that intentionally have car accidents to extort money from their victims.
    You can find thousands of dashboard cam clips on YouTube. The reason is incidents are commonly caught on tape.

    They're usually caused by a person doing something that is less than ethical. One of the most popular dash cam videos shows a guy that runs in to the road and starts acting like he was hit by a car. The funny thing about it though, is that the car had already come to a complete stop before the guy ever came in to the road. Who knows what would've happened if there hadn't been video evidence to prove that the guy was faking? Don't get scammed. Avoid this trouble and buy this front and rear dual view mirror camera now [$89.95].

    Rear view Mirror 1080P HD Camera with Built in DVR


  • Twelve effective precautions women can take when walking alone to keep from becoming a statistic.

    12 effective precautions a woman can take when walking alone to keep herself from becoming a statistic.

        1. Dress to Kill. Clogs, high heels, and tight skirts are hard to run and fight in, while scarves and long necklaces are easy to grab. If possible, modify your fashion style or wear comfortable clothing when walking alone. You can always change into dress-up clothes later. Or, think through how you would fight in your dress-up clothes. Would you kick off your high heels or hike your skirt up around your hips to run or kick?
        2. Make Eye Contact. It may be your first instinct to lower your gaze as you walk to your destination. But looking straight into the face of potential enemies is the better option. "Eye contact may scare off attackers because they fear you will be able to identify them," says Mary Ellen Burns, a spokesperson for the Boston Police Department.
        3. Keep Eyes and Ears Open, Hands Free. It is important to be alert to who and what is around you. Talking on a cell phone or listening to headphones makes you easy prey for a predator. The only reason you should be using your mobile phone is notify a friend of your whereabouts or to call for help. Also, limit the number of bundles you have to carry by using a backpack or bag with a shoulder strap. This will ensure that your hands are free to defend.
          Best Women's Personal Defense
        4. Be Lazy, Take the Elevator Over the Stairs. And when in the elevator, stand in front of the doors, then if someone you feel uneasy about gets on with you, you can step off immediately.
        5. Fight Your Inner Woman. Experts say that women tend to be sympathetic — don't be! History has shown that serial killers and other criminals often play on the sympathies of unsuspecting women to lure them into dangerous situations. If someone asks for the time, directions, or help in or around their car, be as courteous as possible but keep moving. You can always assist the stranger by making a phone call to police from a safe location, or by finding others to go back and help with you.
        6. Change It Up. Regularly change your walking routine. Plan out a few different routes that you can take and mark out "safe houses" in your mind at intervals along the way. In the event of attacks, you can stop at these shops or homes where you know you will be safe. Try to incorporate these houses every time you vary your route.
        7. Be Paranoid and Suspicious. It is always better to be safe than sorry. When in a parking lot, look at the cars parked on either side of your vehicle. If a male in a vehicle is sitting alone in the seat nearest your car, or if you are parked next to a van, always enter your car from the side opposite the strange vehicle. If the parking lot is particularly dark or deserted, it may be wise to go back and find a friend or guard who can walk you to your car.
          Mace Screech Alarm

          WHEN IT'S TOO LATE
          If you have gotten yourself into a violent situation, the most important thing is to react immediately.

        8. Run, Run, Run. If the predator has a gun but you are not under his control, take off. Experts say the predator will only hit you, a running target, four out of every 100 shots. And even then, it most likely will not be a vital organ.
        9. Stay Put. Do not let your attacker take you to an abandoned area. If he does, the likelihood that you will be seriously injured increases tenfold, says Burns. You do not want to get to "crime scene number two" so do whatever it takes and never give up.
        10. Hit the Attacker Where It Counts. The eyes, knees, throat and groin are very vulnerable, good places to gouge and kick. But listen to your instincts and try to determine if a counter attack by you is the best approach. If you do decide to fight, make sure your first move is as forceful as possible. It may be your only hope.
          http://www.evansalarm.com/personal-safety-collection/personal-protection/aircraft-grade-aluminum-keychain-kubotan-red.html Kubotan

          Attach your car keys to a Kubotan for self-defense.

        11. Try Anything and Everything. Additional approaches are offering your wallet, jumping out at a stoplight, doing something to cause an accident, or signaling to other drivers.
        12. If you are thrown into the trunk of a car, experts advise you to kick out the back tail lights, stick your arm out the hole, and start waving wildly. The driver won't see you but everyone else will. This trick is said to have saved lives.
  • Pharmacist dispenses a dose of prevention

    After having been robbed once before the pharmacy staff recognizes this robber and takes action with preventive medicine of her own. A great deterrent for any robber or would be assailant pepper spray comes in a variety of sizes and formulas like spray, fog and foam. For your personal protection at home or business.


  • Seven-Tenths of a Second

    Seven-Tenths of a Second
    Look at your watch and see how long one second really is. If you have a stop watch, try to stop the stop watch at seven-tenths of a second. Now that you know how long that is, consider what happens in the first seven-tenths of a second when an automobile traveling 55mph hits a solid object and the driver is not wearing his/hers seat belt and shoulder belt.
    • In the first tenth of a second, the front bumper and grille collapse.
    • In the second tenth of a second, the hood crumples, raises and strikes the
    windshield while the rear wheels are lofted from the ground, still spinning at 55
    mph. Simultaneously, the fenders begin wrapping themselves around the object
    that was just struck by the car. The frame of the car has stopped moving, but the
    rest of the car is still traveling 55 mph. The driver instinctively stiffens his legs
    against the crash and they snap at the knee joint.
    • During the third tenth of a second, the steering wheel starts to disintegrate in the
    driver's hands and the steering column is aimed at the driver's chest.
    • The forth tenth of a second finds the first two feet of the car's front end wrecked,
    the rear moving at 35 mph, but the driver's body still traveling at 55 mph.
    • In the fifth tenth of a second (a "split second"), the driver is impaled on the
    steering column and his lungs begin to fill with blood.
    • In the sixth tenth of a second, the driver's feet are ripped out of his shoes, the
    brake pedal snaps off and the car frame buckles in the middle. The driver's head
    smashes into the through the windshield as the rear wheels fall back to earth.
    • In the seventh tenth of a second, doors fly open, hinges rip loose and the seats
    break free, striking the driver from behind. The driver does not feel the seat
    striking him, because he is already dead!

    A lot has happened in less than one second.

    Think about how long one second is the next
    time you decide not to wear a seat belt.

    Think about how long seven-tenths of a second
    is. Then think how long eternity is.


  • Motion alarms wireless

    driveway motion detector alarm Multi-Function Alarm








    Here is a multifunction motion sensor alarm for home security. You can set the alert to a nice chime or to a loud alarm. Who is coming up the driveway?

    Wireless motion sensor alarm Who is coming up the driveway?

    You can use this for keeping an eye on the kids or someone else if they wander over to the pool.

    Wireless motion sensor alarm Who's in the pool?
    Swimming Pool Safety Pool Alarm

    If you are working out back in the garden and someone pulls into the driveway or if a delivery man arrives at the front or back door you will be alerted.

    Inside your home during the night if your child gets up and leaves his or her room or if your elderly mom or dad are out of their room you will be alerted.

    Outside your home if an intruder is snooping around your patio or doors and windows you will get an alarm.

    You can set the motion sensor alarm to sound out a loud alarm for intruders to alert you and to scare them away. Set another motion sensor in position to monitor the back yard, or see who is in the garden.

    household alert motion sensor Wireless Home Security System












  • Drowsy driving

    In the United States, 250,000 drivers fall asleep at the wheel every day, according to the Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School and in a national poll by the National Sleep Foundation, 54% of adult drivers said they had driven while drowsy during the past year with 28% saying they had actually fallen asleep while driving.

    According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, drowsy driving is a factor in more than 100,000 crashes, resulting in 1,550 deaths and 40,000 injuries annually in the USA.

    College students, business travelers, truck drivers all are placed into situations of needing to drive just that little farther to reach their destination even though they are sleep deprived. This small sleep alarm will wake you if you nod off momentarily. If you are that sleepy, then take the next exit and get some sleep. There is no substitute to stay awake than to just go get some sleep. This device will sound an alarm if your head droops and warn you to get off the road and get parked and get some sleep.

    Drowsy Drivers Stay alert - Stay alive
  • Self-defense for women and students

    This in the local news from just the past 2 days........

    A man was arrested Saturday after he allegedly held a woman at knife point at a gas station.

    In another incident.....
    A man was arrested Friday after a 15-year-old girl said she was sexually assaulted at a County Park. The girl said she was assaulted at the Park by a man she met at a restaurant. After an investigation, deputies arrested the man on an apprehension order at his northwest home. Officer said he is a Level 1 predatory offender who was convicted of 1st degree criminal sexual conduct in 2011. He was on probation when the alleged assault happened last week.

    Easy to carry, easy to use self-defense jogger style pepper spray.

    Mace jogger model pepper spray Mace jogger model pepper spray











    In yet another incident.....
    City police said Sunday that a 43-year-old man had been arrested and jailed for attempted murder and kidnapping after a violent domestic assault at the home of his ex-girlfriend.  Police said the man was taken into custody after he violated a no-contact order and assaulted the woman at 5:57 a.m. Sunday. "The victim sustained serious bodily injury and was transported to the hospital by the Fire Department," said an Investigator.

    Don't be a helpless victim. Take charge of your personal safety with non-lethal self-defense from Home and Family Safety.

  • Are you afraid when walking alone

    Crime is real, both women and men can become victims of attack. Watch the news or read the newspaper for 10 minutes on any day and confirm what you already know. Stay alert and stay aware of your surroundings. When you leave or enter your work place or even the supermarket look ahead of you and pay attention to where you are and what you are walking into. Even if you are not in a darkened parking garage or parking lot, look for a path to exit the area in case you have to leave in a hurry.

    If you find you have to walk alone or sit on a bus stop alone you should be prepared and carry an easy to deploy form of non-lethal self-defense. Stun guns  and pepper sprays are easy to carry, easy to use and non-lethal.  Stun guns work by rendering an attacker’s muscles uncontrollable. The after effect can take up to 10 minutes before he can recover. He will be at your mercy and unable to continue his aggression. This gives you time to get away and call the police. Many times the attacker will still be disabled when the cops arrive.

    If you do have to use the stun gun the most effective area to contact is the ribs, hip, torso or shoulder because this area effects his ability to reach or grab or even to walk toward you. Your best defense is to run away and be out of reach before he can get to you. But if he does touch you and you press the stun gun into one of these points of contact and even though he is touching you the electric shock will not affect you. The charge travels between the contact points on the stun gun, through clothing and into his body only. Even though the voltage is high, the current is low and will not cause any permanent harm for the 3 to 5 seconds you would activate it.

    Several models of stun guns are available. Some models of stun guns have a wrist strap with a disarming pin attached, some include a very bright flashlight. You put the strap around your wrist and if the stun gun is pulled away from you the pin will be pulled from it making it useless to be used against you. Before you leave your office, either alone or with a friend, put the stun gun in your hand with the wrist strap around your wrist before you head out across the parking lot. If you need it, then you don’t have to fumble for it in your pocket or purse. If you have a stun gun / flashlight combination  or the stun gun cell phone, you will have what appears to be just a flashlight or a cell phone and have the extra protection if needed.

    In some situations, you could warn a potential attacker at a distance by holding up the stun gun and activating it and yelling very loudly ‘get away from me’. The crackling and arcing noise and the blue spark from the stun gun could cause him to run away.


  • Things that people believe are true but are not true.

    People believe smoking bans are a new thing.

    The European Catholic Church created smoking bans in the 1600s. If you were caught smoking near a church during this time, you would be barred from going to Heaven. Depending on your beliefs, this punishment was either too extreme or non-existent.

    ​The ban was a tad more severe in China. In 1639, Emperor Chongzhen sentenced any smoker to death. And if you think that’s extreme, the following emperor changed the law so that anyone even possessing tobacco was to be killed. And people complain that smoking bans are too strict nowadays.

    People believe Arrest warrants, child support, and welfare are recent concepts.

    Not only have these existed for centuries but they were all created by the same people – the Vikings.
    The Vikings used arrest warrants over a thousand years ago, and had a surprisingly complex legal system. They had regular public law gatherings to catalog the crimes committed and to have them rectified with fines or settlements. A 12th century Icelandic legal code, called the Gragas, stipulated a system to support a child after divorce. The system was surprisingly thorough for its time and both spouses were expected to contribute to the child’s (or children’s) upbringing according to their wealth and/or ability to work. The Gragas also outlined a tax system that guaranteed care of the poor if their families couldn’t provide for them (if the recipient didn’t live in Iceland).

    People believe caffeine helps you loose weight.

    One study looked at 58,000 people over 12 years and it revealed that the more
    caffeine people consumed, the more weight they put on.

    Also, how do you follow 58,000 people for 12 years without coming across as creepy?

     Egan, James. 500 Things People Believe That Aren't True (p. 89). James Egan. Kindle Edition.

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