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Voice Alert

What is the best DIY home security system?

Are you working in the back storeroom of your business? Did a customer come in while you are out back? Do you want an alarm to alert you or do you want a greeting and a chime to welcome visitors?
Are you home alone or out in the back yard? Did a car pull into your driveway? Do you have children who may wander near a swimming pool or out of the yard?

What do home alarm systems do?

You can be alerted when anyone enters your home or business property. When a child wanders into the pool area or other place that you want to protect them from unless you are there to supervise. You may be a care taker for an elderly person and you must know if they leave their room during the day or night. Do you want to greet guests with a message in your own voice. Do you want a loud alarm to scare off intruders?

Our Voice Alert System can be set up in less than an hour to alert you to intruders or to announce visitors. You can have lights turn on or sound out a siren. You can install as many of the motion sensors as needed for additional coverage and to trigger specific conditions. You can change any of these alarm types at any time in minutes.


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You can install as many of the motion sensors as needed for additional coverage.

The best DIY wireless home security alarm system is easy to install, easy to configure to your home or apartment, is wireless, easy to expand to fit your budget and in your own time, no contracts to sign and can be moved with you when ever you move to a new home, apartment or office.

Passive Infrared Sensors - PIR sensors work by measuring the infrared energy of the surrounding environment. When first installed they need a few minutes to calbrate them selves to the area they're in.  When a human or animal enters an area covered by passive infrared sensors, the increase in infrared energy tells the sensor that someone or something is moving through the area. You can calibrate these sensors to trigger only at certain levels of infrared heat, in order to prevent them from going off in the presence of birds or small animals. Ours are supplied with an adjustable window to make the beam wide or narrow so you can reduce dog or cat triggering, etc.